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Prepare Job before Installation [Nov 25,2016]
Prepare Job before Installation

1.1,Installation team
1.1.1,The labor and technical worker need to install should be up to the elevator's type, specifications, usually 3~5 worker, including electrician, welder, installer, all with qualified certifications.
1.1.2,The install manager should introduce below items to the workers:
1.1.3,the workers should be familiar to the elevator installation.
1.1.4,The workers should comply with the safety rules.
1.1.5,Inspection at the site:
The inspection at the site should include not only the below items:
Make sure the space is clear;
Make sure water is removed;
Set the guide bar and cover the holes if necessary;
Make sure the storage environment is dry and can be locked, also with enough illumination.
Make sure the illumination is not less than 200LX at the installation site;
Make sure the storage of spare parts is water-proof;
Make sure the shaft and machine room are both accordance to the rules and design;
Make sure no unrelated equipment in machine room, and machine room should not be used as passageway;
Make sure the closure of shaft is according to the requirements;
The illumination in shaft should be with cover, and its voltage is not more than 36V;
Make sure the illumination is solely for one elevator, with switch at the entrance of shaft.
1.1.6,Complete the negotiation with the contractor about safety, guard device and fire-proof device.,Prepare the related construction material.,The security system at the site, if necessary, deploy inspectors to the site.

1.2,The Inspection and measure of shaft and machine room
1.2.1,Inspection of shaft and machine room: After sign contract, the contractor should re-confirm the measures and conditions of shaft and machine room, make a record in the table, and hand on to technical department.
1.2.2,Re-check the measurements according to the shaft design before installation;
(1)According the shaft design, mark the center line of CWT and car on the shaft sample,
(2)Pre-mark the location of plumb line, arrange the plumb lines at the 2 points, 100mm above the shaft pit.
(3)Measure the shaft at each floor;
(4)Make sure the largest tolerance of some related measurement, re-arrange the location of plumb lines.
1.3,Install the scaffold in shaft
Clean the clutter in pit, machine room and acoustic panel.  The scaffold should be reliable, stability and easy to climb, with fire-proof.
The scaffold type is according to the car's and CWT's size and location, picture1-3a,1-3b is the scaffold type for the CWT at back and at side, respectively, FYI.  The load capacity is not less than 2500N/m2.

1.4,Sample and plumb line
The material should be wooden board, with width not less than 120mm, thickness not less than 16mm, not easy to deformation.  The beam should be made of 2 square wood board, with section area not less than 0.1m×0.1m.
1.4.2,Sample design: mark the below items:
--CWT center line;
--Car center line;
--Door center line;
--Car door and landing door net width.

1.4.3,Sample installation
--Dig 4 holes 0.15m x 0.15m with depth 0.2m, at the same height 1m to the top of shaft;
--Install the 2 beams in the holes, adjust and fix them.
--The installation of lower sample is the same, just at the height 0.8m~1m to the pit floor.
1.4.4,Adjust the sample
1.5.5,Plumb Line
Fix the plumb line( the iron wire 0.80~1.00mm; #21~29 ) with iron nail at the upper sample, arrange the center line of car, CWT, landing door, and also the landing door net width line, guide rail location, etc..  The tolerance of plumb line is not more than 0.3mm.
Use the objecto pendent to keep the bottom of plumb line to 300mm above the pit floor.
1.5.6,The zero line of shaft construction
a,The zero line must be precise;
b,The zero line for each elevator should be with tolerance ±0.5mm.
c,It's appreciated to consider other jobs which need to be done for shaft.